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Qatar Polymer Industrial Company is the leading ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and HACCP certified manufacturer and exporter of Polypropylene Woven products based at Qatar. Established in the year 1999 with an installed production capacity of 16,200 metric tons per annum, the company is promoted by one of Qatar's leading group Al Dolaimi Holding.

We are one of the well established brands in the field of woven Polypropylene product manufacturing industry. Facility spread over 21,000sqm. supported by more than 500 employees. We specialize in multiple Polypropylene products: - PP Woven Fabric (Laminated / Un-laminated), PP Woven Sacks, FIBC (Jumbo Bags), LDPE Blown Film.

We cater to customized global requirements from GCC countries, Europe, Africa, Russia and MENA region.

Our bags are used for packing Fertilizers, Sugar, Flour, Grains, Animal feeds, Seeds, Cement, Food, Ice, Charcoal, Salt , Chemical and Rice etc.

Our strengths are optimum capacity utilization with continuous technical innovation and resource optimization; Leveraging economies of scale by adding up new capacities with latest technology for improved productivity; a continuous effort for cost leadership and product improvement to increase the market share and profit.

Management Team

Abdul Aziz Al Dolaimi

General Manager
Anand Salian


Qatar Polymer's vision is to be a global leader in the field of woven polymer based products in multi-faced applications. We will achieve the same through the in-depth knowledge in polymer processing and best manufacturing practices. We will augment our state of the art manufacturing processes with innovative product applications to increase the future sustainability and growth for the company.

We are committed to the conservation of environmental resources... We will work and develop the products with highest level of recyclables.


Qatar Polymer has fully equipped manufacturing facilities located in Salwa Industrial Area, Qatar. The factories occupy 17,000 sqm. area. These facilities are augmented with adequate power and water sources. The Company is equipped with the following manufacturing infrastructure:

  • Extrusion : -Raffia Extrusion Lines from JP Extrusiontech, Kolsite, Lohia and Starex. The extrusion lines are armed with all the sophisticated equipments like melt pump andautomatic dosing mixers.
  • Weaving : -Circular Looms from 6 shuttle to 8 shuttle from Lohia, GCL, Starlinger and Cirwind. Looms are capable of weaving fabric from 12" to 82" Tabular or 164" lay flat fabric with 8 x 8 meshes to 13 x 13 meshes.
  • Blown Film : -Machineries operating width from 8" to 47" 20cm to 120cm.
  • Lamination : -Lamination plant with BOPP film provision, automatic laser sensing and edge trimming device for narrow edge trim cutting. Operating width of 60".
  • Printing :-The section is armed with a 6 color automatic printing machine, corona treatment facility and infrared heating elements for quick drying of flexography ink is installed on the printing line, Botheven make. This helps in providing good ink anchorage thereby preventing the scuffing of ink in storage and transit. The machine is capable of printing Roll to Roll for the wrapping fabric application. There are other three manual printing from 1 color to 4 colors with the printing range from 10" to 52" in width.
  • Cutting : - We have latest automatic cutting and stitching machines from Botheven and Jumbo Bag cutting machine from GCL.
  • Stitching : - There are 55 stitching machines of different capabilities. We are able to provide with bags stitched with Heracles plus safety pattern. Two Needle chain stitch, Single and double shift proofing, Cantilever overhanging, machine for Spout Stitching,Zuki machine for Circular Bags belt attachment, long arm machines for Baffle Bags making and various other necessary stitching machines.
  • Webbing : - These are 10 heads of Webbing machines which can weave webbing from 6mm to 100mm and from 60kgf strength to 3000kgf strength in different weaving patterns as per customer requirements.
  • Bags on Roll : -Hemingstone make high speed fully automatic bottom sealing machine for Bags on Rolls series, machine is with two lines. The bag size range from 285mm to 1800mm, Thickness of the bag is 0.02mm to 0.26mm (including the thickness of sealing).The general film and film with gusset made by extruder can be used on machine, film material can be HD, LD, and regenerated.
  • Quality Laboratory :- Fully equipped Quality testing laboratory. The Laboratory has equipment like Digital Tensile testing machine, M. F. I. tester, Dart impact testers, Q.U.V. Accelerated weathering testerand digital Thermometers etc.
  • Packing : - We have state of the art packaging facility for making bales with pallet or without pallet. We have two Baling machines from capacity of 10 ton to 110 ton.
  • Power :- The factory is connected with 2200 KVA power from Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation. This is an un-interrupted power supply.

Core Competency

  • Professional work environment
  • Stringent quality control
  • Product customization as per customer's requirement
  • Skilled work force
  • Well equipped testing Laboratory
  • Team of experienced polymer engineers
  • Capacity to meet bulk requirements within the least lead time
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive pricing

Why Qatar Polymer?

At Qatar Polymer, we aim to make the whole business process more satisfaction driven and customer friendly. The satisfaction of the customer is important and of the highest priority to the management. It is taken care at every level by our experienced team of managers from designing to production so that the customer's satisfaction and comfort is not compromised any given point of time.

Our dedicated Logistics department performs to the best of its ability to facilitate and expedite movement of the containers.

Our in-house development centre is able to give you alternative designs, samples to get most appropriate quality product. Our longest experience of manufacturing various products makes us competent to advice you on your various needs.

As a policy of the company, Qatar Polymer ensures 100% approval of print and labels before production.

We prefer to work as an extended arm to your own business and not purely on seller buyer relationship. We consider any problem at our client's end as our own problem and try to solve it to the mutual advantage.

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