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FIBC - U + 2 Panel Design Bag FIBC - Draw Belt Bag
FIBC - Circular with Cross Corner Loop Bag FIBC - Glued and Liner Inserted Bag
FIBC - Tunnel Lift Bag FIBC - Baffle Bag
FIBC - Builders Bag FIBC - Single /Two Loop Lifting Bag

Technical parameters

Weight As per customer requirement
Width 75cm to 110cm
GSM 120 to220 
Height As per customer requirement
Colors Any color
Print Up to 4 colors
Packing As per customer requirement
Laminated/Coated As per customer requirement
UV Stabilization As per customer requirement

Design options for various types of FIBC

Top Open, Bottom with Discharge Spout Top Open, Flat Bottom Top Skirt, Bottom with Discharge Spout Top Skirt, Flat Bottom
Top Filling Spout, Bottom with Discharge Spout Top Filling Spout, Flat Bottom Tunnel Loop Full Discharge Flap Closure
Cross Corner Loops Single Loop Baffled FIBC
FIBC - Top Full Open FIBC - Top Fill Skirt FIBC - Top Fill Spout FIBC - Top Conical

FIBC Discharge / Bottom Options

Conical Bottom Discharge spout with Swan neck Controlled discharge (b-lock) spout
Flat Bottom Petal/Star/Irish Closure Payjama Protection

FIBC - U + 2 Panel Design Bag

These types of FIBC are most commonly used for general purpose needs of bulk packaging. These FIBC can be manufactured as per the requirement of the customer.

Our bags are certified for 1000 KG FIBC at 130 GSM for the 5:1 safety factor. This is one of the best in the FIBC industry. The bags can be manufactured from 500 KG safe working load to 1500 KG safe working load and the safety factors can be 5:1 or 6:1. U+2 Panel FIBC is most widely used FIBC Design.

This bag has comparatively better stability and stackability. The FIBC can be produced in different body colors and with loops of different colors.

FIBC - Circular with Cross Corner Loop Bag

Circular FIBC with Cross Corner Loop Bags are made out of tubular fabric which is very strong in nature. It also helps to achieve efficient dust proofing or sift proofing.

This bag can be made in two types of lifting design, Cross Corner Loops and Corner Loops Design FIBC. Circular FIBC have generally circular body fabric and we specially attached top and bottom to them.

These FIBCs are very good for fine powdering material, as they have minimum number of stitches on their body. Using a proper filler cord, these FIBCs can be made totally sifting proof.

FIBC - Tunnel Lift Bag

These are very special FIBC with dual lifting arrangement; it is designed as labor saving products. The additional tunnel loops are designed to stay open ready for the forklift to engage. This eliminates the need to manually hold the loops open saving time and labor.

FIBC - Builders Bag

As a name suggests, these are a specialty FIBC design for a building construction industry. These FIBCs are very economical and generally are open top and flat-based FIBC.

This FIBC can be manufactured in single trip or multiple trip designs to facilitate the discharge of construction aggregates builder bags or FIBC can be made available with discharge Spout.

These FIBCs can be manufactured from 250-1500Kgs and printed up to 4 colors and at the four sides, for making an advertisement of the company filling the material.

FIBC - Draw Belt Bag

This is a new and unique design of FIBCs. A special belt runs through the sleeves near themouth of FIBC, which has got 4 or as per the design of the customer's number of notches.

When we pull the belt from notch, some belt acts as lifting loopsalong with the bag closure cord for the FIBC. This design of FIBC is generally good up to 250 Kgs. along with draw belt. If required by the customer, special lifting loops can be attached to the body ofthe FIBC.

FIBC - Glued and Liners Inserted Bag

These FIBCs are specially used when we have to pack fine powdering material.

These FIBCs can be made with multiple choices of liners.

Theliners can be attached to FIBCs either by gluing or by stitching or in some cases, they are just inserted in the FIBC.

FIBC - Baffle Bag

This is the most space saving FIBC designs are used for packing the container to its optimal level. The baffles of the FIBC are designed in such a way that they give the exact cubical shape after loading and also allow the proper flow while discharging the FIBC.

The baffles can be full height or of the partial height of the FIBC. The height of the baffle should be decided depending the flow rate of the material packed.

To allow the smooth filling of the FIBC the baffles are generally punched. This allows free movement of the material while filling the FIBC.

FIBC - Single /Two Loop Lifting Bag

These are very unique and economical design of FIBC. The top fabric itself act as a lifting loop, as a special cut given at the top of the Circular Woven Fabric and the top is crumpled and stitched together to fall the lifting loop.

These loops can be tight together with identifying color coated band. Single loop and two loops FIBC can be made with the filling spout top and open top design. One loop and two loops are properly designed.

These FIBCs are popular in the various agricultural packaging.

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