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Plastic bags,also known in the industry as Poly Bags or Polyethylene Bags, are used in just about every industry for all sorts of packaging, shipping, and storage applications. Common uses of poly bags include packaging of food, industrial products, retail products, trash can liners, drum liners, box liners, carton liners, garbage bags, covers and more. We offer over a half a million poly bags in various size, thicknesses and styles. All of our poly bags are made from 100% virgin Polyethylene HDPE, LDPE or LLDPE resins.

Available in

Technical parameters

Width 20cm to 120cm Tube
Thickness 20microns to 200 microns
Roll diameter As per customer requirement
Length As per customer requirement
Colors As per customer requirement
Print As per customer requirement
Packing Bags on rolls / As per customer requirement
Perforated Yes

Construction Polythene Film Rolls

LDPE Films (Membrane) are installed for several purposes: (1) to control or reduce the passage of moisture; (2) to reduce weed growth; and (3) as a separating layer to accommodate differential movements. To accomplish these takes, membranes should be resistant to moisture and capable of resisting rot and decay.


Concrete road / highway, Airport runways, Swimming pool, Bunkers, Terrace garden, Tunnels and Dams, Construction sites.Etc.,

Technical parameters

Relation between weight & area covered by L.D.P.E film 1 Kg film having density of 0.93 gm/cm2 film

Thickness of Film Weight/ (in. gms ) Area of film/kg Of LDPE film ( in sq. mtr)
Micron Gauge
250 1000 230.50 4.338
225 900 207.45 4.820
200 800 184.45 5.423
175 700 161.35 6.197
150 600 138.30 7.230
125 500 115.25 8.666
100 400 92.20 10.845
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