PP Woven Fabrics

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PP Woven Fabric

Our range exclusively complies with industrial quality. Modern machinery and the adopted strategy of orientation on buyers’ individual needs enable us to manufacture fabrics that satisfy all the requirements of our customers. Woven fabrics manufactured by Qatar Polymer are superior in durability and finish under advanced technology machines. The fabric production process is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures. With stringent Quality checks in place, we always ensure that our products delivered to our customers are superior in technical parameters and with minimum defects.

Our range of high-quality PP woven fabrics is widely used for various industrial products. The fabric is available in roll form and runs conveniently on Automatic Cutting, Printing and Stitching machines.

They are available in

  • Circular Woven Fabrics: laminated and un-laminated (width from 35 cm to 95 cm)
  • Circular Flat Woven Fabrics: laminated and un-laminated (width from 85 cm to 130 cm)