HR Strategy

Recruitment Process

The Human Resources Recruitment Section manages the recruitment process from needs identification to job specification by selecting and interviewing selected candidates. The Human Resources Department supports Line Managers or Department Managers during the entire recruitment process, and each candidate is selected based solely on merit, experience, and ability. Depending on the type of job and skills and competencies required, shortlisted candidates undergo evaluation processes (written tests, personal interviews) to help identify their skills and suitability. Selected expatriate candidates are required to complete some formalities to process their work permits and employment visa as provided by Qatar Country Immigration norms.


Several inspections and verification processes like identity verification, criminal record verification, pre-employment verification, etc., are undertaken before an employee is hired.

Major Career Benefits

Qatar Polymer offers an attractive salary package, which includes a competitive tax-free salary and an excellent range of benefits and allowances.

  • Free accommodation
  • Fully paid annual leave as per Qatar Labor Law
  • Paid return air tickets as per contract/period
  • Free medical facilities
  • Free workmen’s compensation insurance
  • End of service benefits as per Qatar Labor Law